We are an eclectic band from Chattanooga Tennessee playing original cinematic songs ranging from hard driving edgy blues to soothing rich and stylish jazz passages, with elements of classical and boogie woogie, emotionally charged, compelling and passionate featuring founder Eric Sanders on piano/keyboard; Tony Tortora on bass and flute; Ward Wilson on percussion.  This music is a reflection of colors and textures, telling a story from a book written without words. 

 Eric’s first introduction to playing music was at the local “Y” in Perth Amboy, New Jersey when he sat down at the piano and worked out his first 12 bar blues after hearing a song on the jukebox. That song ultimately became track number 12, "Edgy" on his first  album "Premature Evacuation". Not having a piano at home yet, he took up the trumpet and learned to play during middle school and then played in the high school’s concert, marching and swing bands. He was really moved by blues and rock, learned the drums and played with a local rock band. But the piano kept drawing his interest and his parents purchased one. Eric took 4 years of lessons in high school starting with standards but moving on to jazz. Over the years, he developed his own style and started composing original songs with influences ranging from Keith Jarrett to Scott Joplin, George Winston and Ray Charles. 

 Tony Tortora was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and began studying bass during college and has been pursuing professional opportunities ever since. Tony can play in any style; in any key; at any time. Listen for the power and depth of the double bass as the foundation for flowing cinematic audio experiences with Visions of a Dream. 

 For Ward Wilson, starting to play drums at age 10 was an easy choice as growing up in central Arkansas, the only other option was a career in cow tipping! After a lifetime of playing for the “has been's and wanna be’s” (yes, you would recognize many of them but who really cares?), he is most proud of not being killed in his sleep by his wife of 36 years!  

Ward is best remembered (well, he’s not quite dead yet) as one of the early custom drum builders in North America, helping to pioneer today’s generation of drum craftsmen. Now a Chattanooga based free-lance drummer and hand percussionist, Ward plays with a wide variety of local and regional artist. He considers himself a “top 40 groove drummer” while most everyone else considers him just fat.