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Eric Sanders: Seeking Musicians




I play keyboard and have been thinking about forming a group for quite some time now. I live in Clearwater Florida and am looking to do complete originals. For me having a violinist is a primary factor in my group. I particularly like the style of Jean Luc Ponty. Electric and soaring. Mahavishu Orchestra is a great influence too. I'd like to have a violin, electric lead guitar, bass, drums and myself on keyboard. Really love the alternating riffs and call and response that the violin, guitar and keyboard do with Mahavishnu. Also would like a drummer who is more than just a meter keeper. Billy Cobham certainly does more than that.

I'd like to do an original fusion of blues, jazz with a touch of classical. Develop our own style and sound. No one person owns all the real estate. Each member in my opinion is an equal regarding influence and taking solos.

This would be a new venture for me. I've played drums in a rock band back in high school and also played trumpet in the concert, marching and swing bands.

But for now I've been writing my own compositions for keyboard. So if what I've described sounds like something that may be of interest let me know. I do work M-F full time in a regular job.

A note regarding my personal philosophy for playing out. To be paid for a gig would be wonderful and that is a very important goal for long term. However I have no problem playing out on occasion for pure exposure, recognition and developing a fan base. What really turns me on is the appreciation that the listener has for my music. There is nothing like hearing applause for something you have created. If you give them what they want, you will get all that you want in return.

Envision the sound of all band members playing my songs along with developing new songs by all musicians. Although my first CD is purely piano instrumental I can hear the different components of bass, drums, lead guitar and violin working together to take my music to the next level as a full band. My keyboard has thousands of different voices and I'd like to use electric keyboard, synthesizer and organ just to mention a few as part of what I've already written instead of just purely piano voicing. I continue to write new music and look forward to developing the sound as a group along with the influences, creativity and song writing of the other band members.

Listen to the clips on my Music page and feel free to contact me on the Contact page.

Happy Listening!